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Updated: Jul 10

Well there are movies, there are super hit movies, there are blockbuster hits and then there are these timeless pieces of cinema that are not exactly masterpieces or classics but, they, are more like those friends who would be there with you always. These movies would not have a nail-biting climax or a mind-blowing story but these movies, although not realistic, would touch upon some emotion that we carry. These movies come handy when we want to just relax or be to ourselves. It need not be a depressing time but more like some ‘me’ time. And although you would have watched these movies a hundred times before, you wouldn’t mind making the number reach hundred and one.

Each generation has had a bunch of movies that are timeless to them; let us take a look at a list of movies which each millennial would more often than not find timeless.

Dil Chahta Hai

The list had to start with this. Accept it or not the name was there on your mind as well. It had to start with this. The millennials were waiting for such a thing, it could have been anything, it could have been a fashion statement, a new game, but it was a movie. It was like, coming of age for the vast majority of this generation. Not just the hairstyle but this movie quite incisively defined friendship for that age.

Also, and interestingly, this movie gave a new dimension to the music lovers. This generation had already submerged into Rehman’s music but it still, somewhere, was not there’s. You know what it means. Yes, we all had danced on Muqabla (of course the original version! What were you thinking) a thousand times, we all had held our earphones tightly to listen to each crystal break in Ye Kahan Aa Gaye hum! And Urvashi! , of course, we all had already tried to create the beats from, our whichever, body part and quite stupidly showed it proudly to our friends and parents. Yeah, we did all that. But Dil Chahta Hai!, it was different, the music before the title song, yes, that was ours.

This is one of the few movies which you would not mind watching from any portion. Also, Amir Khan’s monologue (gyaan to Saif’s character) came much earlier than the famous one these days but was way better and funnier. And yes you remember more of this one than the newer one, accept it, try it. Even the music has come to your mind! Fifteen minutes watch of this movie, whichever portion, whatever time would refresh you. Take a hike close up!


Shahrukh Khan, you liked him or not, has had a huge impact on the millennials. Girls swooned over him. Boys have also been fans and they may not agree with this publicly but somewhere their heart also skipped a beat when in Kal Ho Na Ho, Rohit (Saif Ali Khan) thought Aman, when he closed his eyes in the hospital, has died. Phew, you jerk! Not right now.

But this is not about Kal Ho Na Ho, but about a movie, all SRK fans believe is one of the best pieces of acting by Shahrukh. Fans had enough of him stammering and twisting of eyebrows. It was like SRK was playing Raj even when he was Aman. It seemed he started enjoying mimicking himself. But then Swades happened. This movie was fresh. The wardrobe was not flashy. It was relatable, somehow. Why somehow because SRK played an NRI and yet millions of Indians who have never been even to Nepal could feel what he felt in the movie. It is strange. But that’s how we are.

A village was shown but it was not muddy, it was clean the way we had wished. The situation talked about some grim issues but the tone was not depressing, rather it was uplifting. The movie showed hope, it had a solution. A solution that all Indians would like to know about, they won’t take the onus on their own, but yes would like to know about it, talk about it.

The dialogues were in real tone. They were more colloquial and less dramatic. And yes, finally they did not have incessant pauses in between but were flowier, more human.

Swades would remain close to our hearts always and is watchable any number of times. By the way, have you also wondered, if most of the people you have spoken to liked the movie then who are these people who made it a flop!

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Three friends, a tour, realization of sorts and good music, it is like a reprised version of Dil Chahta Hai for the last crop of millennials. It is a movie which even the senior millennials enjoyed alike. This movie had its heart at the right place and at the right time. It was not just about friendship but also about finding yourself. It came at the right time when the last crop of millennials was building up their dreams and required a thoughtful foundation. It also helped the earlier versions of the generation get decisive with their wants, especially after the global economic recession. A respite was required and it gave one just when it was needed.

One thing you would notice is that all the movies listed above had a similar style of dialogues, sentences which common man would use in his daily routine.

This movie is worth watching every time and the amusing part is you would want to watch it till the end, the end where they run for their lives, the end where you don’t want their tour to get over.


This movie is larger than life. Yet it has all the right ingredients to make a watch worthy of your ‘me’ time. The situation, the music, the characters none of it was relatable yet the rustiness it had was us. We had enjoyed every bit of this movie and could not wait for the match to start as if it was real.

Lagaan, with all its magnanimity, was a story every Indian wanted to be a part of. It was a dream for young minds, especially for those who watched the movie in theatres. The story was refreshing. The actors were all refined and true to their characters. This is one movie that did not embarrass us when nominated for Oscars. Rather you were one of those who woke up early in a February morning and switched on Star Movies, and this one time your parents did not stop you, to watch Oscars live.

Lagaan cannot be given a ‘cool’ tag, it was grand. But it became a thing to talk about. The excitement to discuss the movie was similar to what Titanic did or to what Terminator did when it featured for the first time on Star Movies. Yes, star movies gave us a lot of things to talk to with the girls and be a part of the ‘cool’ group. ‘Cool’ was not trendy then rather we had just ‘The’ groups, right!

Movies have had a great impact on all generations. It could be probably because a movie is this amazing box of dreams, sequences, music, drama all that we want or wish in our lives. Although not a part of a real-life the characters give us hope and guide us when we want it the most. The above-listed movies have done the same (more or less) and deserve a watch again. Are we ready?

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