Careers: Stability is a mirage

Updated: Jul 10

It is quite a paradox that people across the world look for a stable career when the very word itself is a reflection of change. Think deeper. A career is a series of work one does over a period of time. This period quite often lasts nearly half of one’s lifetime. Now is it not inhuman to expect stability when no one continues doing the same kind of task all through this period with the same productivity. Have you not been suggested by many learned people to add a skill or two over and above your college degree; have you not been inclined towards learning a language to add to your profile.

All of this suggests that it is very much a part of our personality to grow. It is ingrained in our DNA to better ourselves. However, the concept of stability in career brings about a very irrational expectation which suggests that humans should wear more of a robotic personality than being in their own skin. It also suggests that failures are unwelcome!

Be it fresh college graduates or seasoned professionals everyone gets uncomfortable with an idea of a break-in one's career. We do not even realize that it is quite unnatural to feel so and to just have a ‘stable’ career with ‘continuity’ we pick up jobs that neither excite us nor add to our personality. Here it is important to realize the fact that a career is an overall reflection of what we have done and not a microscopic view of one’s job details. It is very much important, especially for a fresh entrant into the industry, that instead of looking for a stable ‘career’, which is like running after a mirage, one should look at a stable growth in one's personality. Yes, a career is a reflection also a by-product of your personality.

Now many would argue that we know that a job needs constant upgrading and we just want a stable income. What’s wrong in that? Right? Also too many more, it seems like a fine concept. However there still lies a big problem, the problem is again of growth. Money doesn’t provide you growth rather it is a by-product of many other things like the experience, education, comparative place of being among many other things. If you look deeper money is a pure consequence of growth. It is not even a reflection of growth. It is a mere consequence.

Success: An interesting concept of growth

People, more often than not, define a successful person by the monetary value that person has that too as calculated by some magazine or some other media (the person himself doesn’t boast off of the same!). You do it too. Think about it. Have you ever thought of a success story of a sweeper in your vicinity? Rather for you, Kunal Bahl of Snapdeal is still a success story even though his company is struggling even after more than ten years of establishment. And by those standards where would Mr. Modi be kept in the list? Or Swami Vivekanand? And Dalai Lama?

Be it Modi or Vivekanand, these people are enormously successful and yet are not anywhere near the wealthiest people in the world. Now it is important to look closer and find out a common link between those who are wealthy or successful or both. One thing you would observe would be that certain personality traits are common to all with leadership being one of the foremost and common most traits among all the successful people. This personality type is not god-given or been studied at some college. This personality has been worked upon over the years. People have failed. People have learnt. People have tried tirelessly to evolve. Also, don’t discount yourself by looking at Mr. Mukesh Ambani and say Oh! He was born with a silver spoon. Yes, he did but it is a struggle to turn that spoon into gold from silver. He failed at many attempts of new businesses and yet he kept trying. One thing that requires understanding is that he did not keep trying because he has the means but because of his personality. Here another personality trait that is important to note and common to all the successful people is ‘a never give up’ attitude.

Hence, success is an attitude. An attitude that comes only when one has taken the path of everlasting growth and where ever there is growth, change has to happen. When the change happens, irrespective of stability, if a person keeps working on his personality, growth would happen and thus success in your career would come banging at the door.

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